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Restaurant Experience

ALT POS NYC has a combined 20+ years experience in the restaurant, restaurant POS and merchant service industry combined. We uses this knowledge to help, from the novice to the veteran, restaurateurs make informed decisions on various parts of their New Point Of Sale System, from selecting the right POS equipment, selecting the right POS features to setting up a strong WiFi network infrastructure to keep their Point Of Sale System secure and running smooth.

We understand the difficulties of how a bad system installation or how a poorly programmed menu can cause anxiety and frustration for the staff and owners. This will lead to loss of clients, loss of revenue, high employee turnover and worst of all a bad reputation and poor reviews for the restaurant, which will lead to loss of future clients and revenue.

Even with all our experience we try to learn from our clients. No two restaurant owner runs their restaurant the same way. We listen and tailor the system to the restaurateur and restaurants need and if there’s a feature you need let us know, we work closely with our developers to continuously improve our system.

Merchant Services

We offer a direct EMV compliant credit card software solution through Hybrid Payment Systems. We will not treat you as a captive audience and force you into a one size fits all “Flat Rate”. We understand that restaurants operate within tight profit margins and even tighter budgets. Having to pay more than they should for Merchant Services can break that budget.

Let us do an analysis of your statements and show you what your Effective Rate is and see if we can help you keep more of your hard earned cash. We will also help you understand how Visa and Master Card Interchange Plus works to keep the cost of using our merchant services low. We use our Merchant Services to get you the best possible deal. We also offer other incentives to make our system more affordable.

If that wasn’t enough you can BYOMP* (Bring Your Own Merchant Provider*)
*some restrictions apply

Vast Reporting Features

Equipment, Features, Services and More

Our goal, at ALT POS NYC, is to provide a pleasant professional experience with a system that is tailored to your company’s needs. You choose from our many options of Equipment, Features and Services.

TRUE OFFLINE: ALT POS NYC has a true offline feature where the iPads work without the internet and they will still sync/connect with each other (with a properly set up WiFi system). This means orders entered on one iPad will show up on the other iPads and with the use of our processor you can run Credit Cards Transaction offline, this will count as a Card Present Transaction, again reducing your cost for merchant services and not miss a beat. So you can focus on keeping your clients happy and less about the system running your business.

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