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ALT POS NYC, is to provide a pleasant professional experience with a system that is tailored to your company’s needs.

Split, Combine and Transfer Checks

Split or combine checks, transfer single or multiple items to a different check. Be flexible for your customers and how they would like to check out when it includes several parties.

QSR Order Types On The Fly

It’s a great way to convey to your kitchen how to prepare your customers food and to get it to their hands and out the door, or to the table, in a timely fashion. Busy patrons don’t always have time to sit down but still want to enjoy your cuisine. Increase your lunch or dinner rush and analyze your most favorable days for different Order Types.

Delivery Dispatch

Customers want their food now and don't like waiting more than they need to for their delivery. With Delivery Dispatch you can group orders based on destination and ETA, and make sure your drivers get there in time with the least amount of delays.

Bar Tabs

Bar tabs are part of ALT POS NYC softwares repertoire. Manage "Bar Tabs" with ease from any POS station and look up open or closed tabs by name, order number or the last 4 digits of the credit card.


Customize your food and bar options with optional and mandatory modifiers. As you make modifications to original menu items, the modifiers will automatically adjust prices to ensure your profitability. You can make it Minimum and Maximum and in the exact order you need it to appear at your Bar and kitchen Printers.

Kitchen Display System

While printed kitchen tickets are effective, they can slow you down and be messy. Using a digital kitchen display system (KDS) to promptly transfer orders to the kitchen. Save time and last minute changes are displayed instantly. You can still keep the functionality of a printer as a back up.

Internet went out! No problem

ALT POS NYC has a special feature where the iPads will continue to work offline and will still communicate with your remote printers that are on the same network without the need of a server computer. The iPads will work independently or together it even works without the internet.
No WiFi, No Internet, No Problem.

Multi Lingual & Multi Currency Functions

For those who have stores around the world, ALT POS NYC can translate into 30+ different languages such as English, German, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Turkish. (If you don’t see your language, let us know. We can customize our product for you). It is also compatible with every single currency in the world.

Product Inventory

Our software can calculate the cost of each menu item by adding and calculating the cost of each individual ingredient that goes into the recipe. This is a tedious process, BUT well worth it for the restaurateur looking to maximize his bottom line and keep an eye on those tight margins.

Pizza by Slice

Emphasize the customization of pizza, all the way down to the slice! With the ALT POS NYC software, your customers can express their creative abilities to make the most elaborate pizzas in history. You can add and subtract each individual topping without ever having to delete the order.

Integrated Online Ordering

Sync your existing menu from any ALT POS NYC system platform, set custom delivery zones and have different order types such as pick up or delivery. Get your own website within minutes and start taking orders today!

Table Management

Optimize your Servers and Bartenders by using our Table Layout feature. After you finish designing your floor plan layout, our software will begin to calculate the following:
Guest Count
Dining Time Length
Average Check Amount

Receipt and Kitchen Print Customization

Want your receipts to show certain information but hide others? Decide what you want to displayed on your customer receipts and kitchen tickets so your staff and customers have an easy time understanding.

Custom Roles and Permissions

For businesses with a hierarchy, this will allow restaurateurs to allow employees to have access to ALT POS NYC front of house and back of house options to help keep both owners and employees operating optimally in regards to their job role.

Custom Void, Discount, No Sale, Text and Email Alerts

Set up custom notifications alerts via text message or email for void, discounted, or no sales activity. We want you to be informed about all parts of your operation at all times. Especially sales.

Dashboards & Reports

Know your store by utilizing our Key Performance Indicator Dashboard to conveniently display your net sales, transactions, refunds etc. so you can have an accurate “at a glance” view.

Access Your System From Anywhere

Not in town? Away on holiday? Want to see how your location is doing? You can access the ALT POS NYC software from ANY web browser. Make menu changes, add employees and view reports without having to be onsite or in the way.

Detailed Sales Reporting

Generate easy to understand, detailed sales reports with your best and worst selling items, peak hours and the profitability details of your menu. Learn your strengths and eliminate your weak points.